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Analyze your body composition!

Analyze your body composition. Members 10eur / measuring, others 20€ / measuring.

You get to know: weight, body mass index (BMI) Basal Metabolic Rate (BMR) fat percent fat mass, unfat mass bodys water quantity bodys ideal fat values and separatly different specify fat percents Scale has desired value counter, Goal Setter - GS which helps you to gain your ideal weight and fat percent. Different setting for normal and athletic bodies.

Before measuring please notice:

  •  measuring always in the same time
  • 3 hours for walking  
  • do not use any diureetti medication for 7 days, if it is possible (consult your doctor)
  • no alcohol in 48 hours 
  • no hard training in 12 hours 
  • normal meals 
  • no eating and drinking in 4 hour before 
  • use the toilet 30 minutes before measuring 
  • no measuring during periods 
  • no shower before 
  • if you have being sitting or laying down for long time, yuo have to stand 5 minutes before testing

NOTICE!! If you have some kind of electric-utility equipment, like pacemaker etc. You cannot have this test!!!

phone 0400 449201

Halmekuja 2, 01360 Vantaa